Our Appraisal Service


We appraise vehicles in regions of south central Ontario Canada. We will come to your home to view the vehicle or you can come to us. We will spend considerable time going over the automobile, review and document it’s condition and features. We will also spend time discussing the vehicle with you – having you advise us on the work you have done or have had done. We will review and photograph all build or restoration documentation you have.  We will also take several photographs of the vehicle to document condition.

At our office we will research the vehicle, the VIN, we generate an assessment of the condition of the automobile and research for several comparable in the market, consulting other sources to establish a ”Fair Market Value “.  At this point we will prepare two (2) certified original appraisal documents (one for the owner and one for the owners insurance company ). These documents will include a detailed written description of our findings and assessment as well as vehicle photographs. These will be sent to the owner (or, one copy to the owner and we can arrange to send the insurance copy to the insurance company or broker on behalf of the owner).

Always Hire a Licensed Appraiser

In Ontario, appraisers are licensed through the “Professional Association of Vehicle Evaluators.” Appraisers are self-regulated through this association, which is directed by a board made up of senior insurance industry executives. For a Roster of Licensed Appraisers you may go to www.trustpave.com. Appraisers who are licensed have “errors and omissions” insurance and are audited by the board on an annual basis. If any dispute should arise with a client, the association provides a free mediation service. Licensed appraisers are committed to follow through on behalf of their clients, explaining their evaluation reasoning to insurance claims staff, and attending at court if necessary. Licensed appraisers work under a strict “code of ethics.”

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